"Harry" (or Harrybo) is a beautiful Oriental Longhair (Mandarin) kindly entrusted to us by Валентина Снигирёва all the way from Russia! 


He has a great profile, not overly modern or 'typy', however this is no accident; it is clear to see he has been chosen for temperament and health and that's what made him so attractive to us. Although not a bicolour, he will have three bicolour girlfriends....


He is the most affectionate boy of all and with just a trace of his temperament in his future kittens they will make the perfect companion cats. This year will be his first love, up until  now he has been very busy being a kitten.....below are some photos

"Otto" (or Otto-Bear)is our own home-bred boy, a beautiful all White Blue-eyed (Pointed) Oriental Longhair (Mandarin). He had to have a BAER test to ensure he wasn't deaf. What a cruel horrible 5 minutes that was! But it is a very necessary test to ensure hearing loss is not passed on to his offspring. 


He has a super profile, an amazing full coat and a fantastic size. Add to this stunning deep blue eyes....He is our special supermodel!


He is a complete softy and will think nothing off just jumping on anyone's lap and flopping down for a tummy rub. We're all about personality here, but oh boy do Otto have the looks to go with it. We will not be putting him to our bicolour girls. He will elope with 'Mai' and 'Foxy'.

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