Occasionally we will have Oriental kittens available here at VonTeez. VonTeez Kittens leave at 13 weeks of age. This is so that they are fully vaccinated, wormed from 4 weeks, , flea-free and are suffering no side effects from their vaccinations. They are always GCCF registered.  Please do get in touch to see if we have any kittens. You will find a contact number and a message form on our contacts page.

VonTeez kittens come complete with a 'goodie bag' containing four weeks insurance, treats, toys and information to help them settle in. They will also come with a 'noonoo' (blankie with mum's smell).

We raise Vonteezers socially. Without reflection on the way anyone else raises their kittens, we do not work away from home and spend a very large part of the day with the kittens from ensuring they have enough to drink in the early stages, be that from Mum or with assistance, to cleaning litter trays and making sure Mum has everything she needs. After all, a happy Mum equals happy kittens...


They are brought up with normal household noises such as the vaccum cleaner, radio and (later) visitors. We teach them small vocabulary and early reservations mean we get to call them by their pet names early on too, which is not only educational but stimulating too.

Kittens can be visited no earlier than 7 weeks old. However they can also provisionally be reserved further in advance if a deposit is paid. We always reserve the right to refuse a kitten. If for any reason you do feel you need to rehome a VonTeez kitten we ask that you contact us first. The welfare of VonTeez kittens comes first.

We ask that you sign a contract of sale when you take your kitten home. A copy of this contract can be obtained from us at any time however, it outlines yours and our responsibility to the kitten.

By default, all of our kittens are placed on the non-active register with the GCCF. If the kitten is later put to stud, no forthcoming kittens can be registered. Having said this, we are approachable and open to discussion if you are looking for a kitten on the active register if it is of exceptional value to the OLH or bicolour breeding program.

Here's some we made earlier😊 ......Vonteezers in their new homes....Click on the image to open the gallery.

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