"Lula" - Thank you to Diane Brown for this beautiful Lady!
Chocolate & White Tortie Bicolour Oriental Longhair Variant
OLH h 03 v

Lula is a very sweet lady who is loved, spoilt and loves to curl up on your lap. She has a soft as silk, typically variant coat. She is the result of attempting to extend the genepool by introducing shorthair. She has the ability to produce both long and shorthair kittens and carries the pointed gene so can also produce both Siamese and Balinese.

Chocolate and White Tabby Bicolour Tortie Oriental Longthair
OLH h 03 21

Tilly is a typical Tortie lady. She is frightened of nothing, bold as brass and loves nothing more than to put the world to rights with you and watch tv with you. Tilly is a star with an incredible personality.

"Mai" Chocolate Point Balinese

Finally I was able to collect Mai all the way from the south ouf France. Thank you to my friend and fellow breeder Danielle Ducrin of Temples D'Orient for our beautiful girl This bombproof bundle of fur will be busy being a kitten for some time and will then hopefully add to our lines here at Vonteez Orientals.

"Foxy Roxy" Chocolate Tortie Oriental Longhair (kittens expected early November!)

What can I say? All the way from Russia, meet Foxy. she is a Russian Starlet with attitude, Pzazz, vocality and of course drop dead gorgeous! To boot, she can't stop her purring....she is always happy!

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