Welcome to Vonteez Orientals. Named after our foundation queen, Wiccanways "Diva von Teez", (affectionately known as "Tootie") a bicolour Chocolate Tortie Oriental Shorthair who adorns the background of every page of this website.


Kindly entrusted to us by Debbie Davies at Wiccanways, Tootie is meanwhile retired, 9 years old and one of the most beautiful creatures we think we've ever seen, our love for her just grows stronger every day. 

We decided to concentrate on the Balinese (Siamese Longhair) and Mandarin(Oriental Longhair) who are sadly in such great decline, as well as much monopolised. -We also imagined Tootie as a longhair!💖

A Bicolour Longhair breeding program was born and we are still working very hard to maintain this program as it is so very difficult to achieve with so few longhairs available to the genepool. We need to introduce shorthairs into the line to maximise on health. We will occasionally have both shorthair and longhair kittens available to loving homes.

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